2. Installation

2.1. Installing from PyPI

tcconfig can be installed from PyPI via pip (Python package manager) command.

sudo pip install tcconfig

2.2. Installing from binary

tcconfig can be installed environments which cannot access to PyPI directly:

  1. https://github.com/thombashi/tcconfig/releases/download/v0.7.0/tcconfig_wheel.tar.gz
  2. tar xvf tcconfig_wheel.tar.gz
  3. cd tcconfig_wheel/
  4. ./install.sh

3. Dependencies

3.1. Linux packages

  • iproute2 (mandatory: required for tc command)
  • iptables (optional: required to when you use --iptables option)

3.2. Linux kernel module

  • sch_netem

3.3. Python packages

Dependency python packages are automatically installed during tcconfig installation via pip.

3.3.1. Optional

  • netifaces
    • Suppress excessive error messages if this package is installed

3.3.2. Test dependencies