1. tcconfig

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1.1. Summary

tcconfig is a tc command wrapper. Make it easy to set up traffic control of network bandwidth/latency/packet-loss/packet-corruption/etc. to a network-interface/Docker-container(veth).

1.2. Traffic control

1.2.1. Setup traffic shaping rules

Easy to apply traffic shaping rules to specific network:

  • Outgoing/Incoming packets

  • Source/Destination IP-address/network (IPv4/IPv6)

  • Source/Destination ports

1.2.2. Available parameters

The following parameters can be set to network interfaces:

  • Network bandwidth rate [G/M/K bps]

  • Network latency [microseconds/milliseconds/seconds/minutes]

  • Packet loss rate [%]

  • Packet corruption rate [%]

  • Packet duplicate rate [%]

  • Packet reordering rate [%]

1.2.3. Targets

  • Network interfaces: e.g. eth0

  • Docker container (veth corresponding with a container)